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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should put your project to Karya Jasa Furniture ?
Karya Jasa Furniture is a Furniture Manufacturer and Exporter Specialist in Exclusive Products Since 1981 in Klaten, Indonesia. We produce with various types of wood and various additions of accessories

Can I order custom furniture that is not in the catalog?    
Yes, you can, because Karya Jasa can fulfill orders / projects for our clients' furniture. And also proven to be one of the best quality suppliers for large and small scale projects.

Do you have your own sawmilling and Killn Dried ?
Yes, we have our own sawmilling and Killn Dried. Also we have a complete and detailed production process. As well as our production using machines. 

How is the water content (MC) ?
It all depends on the thickness of the wood and the agreement with the client. But usually we do Killn Dried with a water content below 15 %

What is the minimum order?
Actually for a client project minimum order quantity is 1 x 20 feet container. But if you still want to order furniture with small amount, then the price will be more expensive than large amount.

What Are The Payment Terms ?
It all depends on our agreement with our clients. Because every client has their own payment method. And the production process will be carried out after paying 50% down payment    

If you still have questions please dont hesitate to contact us